Little Known Sarah Palin Hacked Email Fact

In response to this:

Little Known Fact: Only an idiot would try to hide behind the name “anonymous” when they try to hack Sarah Palin’s computer. Sarah Palin knows exactly who you are, Donna Brazile.

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Sarah Palin knows exactly what is kept in the hangar at Area 51.
It’s the vehicle that brought her here from the planet Krypton.

Sarah Palin is so tough that she she clubs seals for fun…
US Navy Seals.

Alan K. Henderson

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Jedi mind tricks do not work on Sarah Palin. She knows how to use them herself – which is how she got into Area 51.


Another Little Known Fact-

In June 1989, Sarah Palin used a kayak to tow the stricken Exxon Valdez from Prince William Sound to San Diego for repairs. The 25-year-old TV sports reporter arrived thirty hours before the two US Coast Guard cutters sent to escort her.

Little Known Fact: There’s many more Little Known Facts here!

Paparazzi have learned to take pictures of Sarah Palin from outside of knife-throwing range.

Sarah Palin proves that John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara did have a child.

Sarah Palin is so tough that the Army is using her stem cells to grow armor plates for Humvees.

Sarah Palin was the original model for Halo’s “Masterchief”.